These rules apply to all users of the Cuba Street Motorhome Park and are enforced for the safety and comfort of all users and others in the surrounding areas. If you do not comply with these rules or directions you are given, either personally or on signs, notices, and/or road markings, you may be required to leave, liable to a fine and/or your vehicle may be towed.

Self Contained Vehicles - All vehicles camping at Cuba Street Motorhome Park must be self-contained. Any camping vehicles parked at our site that are not self contained after 8 pm will either be asked to leave or will receive an infringement notice.

Payment - Payment must be made for the entirety of your stay - if your vehicle is found to be parked and has no valid payment an infringement notice may be issued.

Departure - On the day of your departure, your vehicle must leave the Motorhome Park by your expiry time.

Vehicle Bay Size – Our parking bays are approximately 2.5m wide by 5m long. For this reason we do not allow the parking of large campervans, house-trucks, buses, caravans or vehicles with trailers in a single parking bay. If your vehicle exceeds a single parking bay payment must be made for ALL PARKING BAYS used (even if only partial). One payment per parking bay used must be made. Not abiding by this will result in an offence notice and instant fine being issued - there are no exceptions. Your vehicle may also be towed and you will be responsible for all recovery costs.

Speed Limit - The maximum permitted vehicle speed in the Motorhome Park is 5 km/hour.

Safety Features - Motorhomes must display a current electrical warrant of fitness. If the electrical wof is not current or non-existant then you must not connect to any of the power supply outlets. Gas cylinders must comply with LPG Standard (NZS 5428:1996). We have the right to inspect the gas fittings of motorhomes using the Cuba Street Motorhome Park.

Wastewater - All motorhomes must have their own wastewater container. Chemical toilets and/or wastewater must not be emptied or discharged at the Motorhome Park. The nearest wastewater dump station facility is located at Evansbay parade.

Damage or Maintenance - Vandalism of or intentional damage to property or facilities will be reported to the police without exception. Cuba Street Motorhome Park Limited will seek to recover all costs from the person(s) responsible.

Children - Children must be properly supervised and controlled by parents at all times.

Rubbish & Recycling – All rubbish and recycling must not be left behind after departure.

Fires - Open fires and barbeques are not permitted. All cooking must be undertaken inside motorhomes.

Laundry - No clothes or other items of washing or linen are to be hung outside vehicles.

Conduct - Visitors and guests must at all times behave so as not to cause offence or be a nuisance to others. In the interests of all users of the Motorhome Park and people in the surrounding areas, reasonable quietness must be maintained and radios and musical instruments must not be used between 10pm and 7am. Excessive drinking and/or parties are not permitted. Persons breaching this rule will be required to leave the Motorhome Park immediately.

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